• Perfect fit

  • Handcraft

  • Lifetime warranty

Hand pick stitch is the distinctive sign of high quality suits, it is used to hold all the layers of the interlining.

Internal layer is handmade of natural canvas and horsehair. It makes the suit lightweight and breathable, with a perfect fit and natural resistance to wrinkles.

Horn buttons are hand sewn on special stems – they serve for convenience and firmness.

Clients' monogrammed initials are the final touch completing dozens of hours of work. The very moment we put the last stitch of the monogram we are just as proud as when we have completed our first bespoke suit all those years back.

Natural rayon or silk lining is hand stitched using silk thread ensuring suit’s conformity with body movement.

All buttonholes in our suits are handmade. According to bespoke standards they are functional on the sleeves of the jacket.